Friday, October 10, 2008

Preseason Preview #1: Wolves @ Nuggets

(Boulder-CO) Tonight, the Nuggets Nation can rejoice as Denver officially kicks off their preseason campaign against the Timberwolves tonight at Pepsi Center. Unfortunately, there isn't much to preview considering there is no way to hear or see the action unless you are planning on attending the game.

With that being said, there are still a lot of things to watch out for in the boxscore concerning this game. Regardless of how many minutes the likes of 'Melo, Nene, AI, and the rest of the presumed starters play it will be interesting to see how the Denver big men fare against the likes of Kevin Love and Al Jefferson; and even more importantly, how the Nuggets look as a whole on defense. Because regardless of what statistic-crazy big-time media types try and tell you about the Denver Nuggets... the fact still remains that their defensive effort last year was akin to a wet paper bag trying to hold an angry wolverine.
Check back after the game for a complete analysis of the first look at your 2008-09 Denver Nuggets.
Go Nuggets!

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Anonymous said...

Heh, I managed to find seats in the row directly behind the Nuggets bench for $25 apiece, so I'll be there to give you a full report. I got free pre-season tickets in the lower level last year as some ticketholder appreciation thing, but I just found these on CraigsList.

I'll be there in my JR jersey, probably yelling at George to play him 30+ MPG. I'm gonna go home and get my camera so I can get some decent pictures also, since I'm so close. I'll upload and post links to anything of note.