Sunday, October 26, 2008

Today's Date in NBA History

(Boulder-CO) Today's date is October 26th, and on this day:
'76- The Indiana Pacers won their first NBA game with a 120-90 home victory over Seattle. The Pacers entered the league from the ABA, along with the San Antonio Spurs, Denver Nuggets and New York Nets.

'84- Charles Barkley made his debut for the Philadelphia 76ers at home against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The 76ers won 111-101.

'84- John Stockton made his debut for the Utah Jazz at Seattle. The SuperSonics won 102-94.

'84- Michael Jordan made his debut for the Chicago Bulls at home against the Washington Bullets. The Bulls won 109-93.

'85- Patrick Ewing made his debut for the New York Knicks at home against Philadelphia. The 76ers won 99-89.
Enjoy your day!

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