Monday, October 6, 2008

DYK: Linas Kleiza

(Boulder-CO) It's no secret that Linas Kleiza is a budding star. He plays with aggression, style, and swagger but I'll bet you didn't know...

-Linas has an older brother named Zilvinas.

-He is the second Lithuanian-born player to play for the Nuggets, joining Sarunas Marciulionis.

-Linas also attended Marciulionis' basketball school as a youth and then attended Merkurijus.

-LK speaks five different languages: English, Lithuanian, Russian, German, and a little bit of Spanish.

-He likes watching movies and TV in his spare time and lists "Everybody Loves Raymond" and "Friends" as his favorite shows and "Gladiator" as his favorite movie.

-Robert De Niro is LK's favorite actor.

-While Linas likes all kinds of music, he lists Eminem and 50 Cent among his favorites.

-Kleiza moved to the states at the age of 16.

Go Nuggets!

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@slushygutter said...

Linas walked past our group at the CU-Mizzou game last year. A buddy shouted at him as the Buffs were getting throttled and he was pretty cool with some good banter.

LK is one in the "core" to build around.