Tuesday, October 14, 2008

NBA's Kings of Tattoo

(Boulder-CO) I'm un-officially naming this year's Denver Nuggets as the NBA's Kings of Tattoo. In fact, I dare any other blogs or fan alike to even try and make a case against the Nuggets when it comes to the amount of body art being displayed in those tank tops! Here are the most inked on this year's roster:

Exhibit A: Allen Iverson
The Answer may not have the most surface area when it comes to NBA players, but he's not going to let that stop him from getting the most out of his time in the chair. He is easily one of the most tattooed on the team.

Exhibit B: Carmelo Anthony
'Melo is also heavily tatted with words like "Honesty" on his arms and the Warner Brothers logo on his shoulder that pays homage to "West Baltimore". One of the more unique tattoos 'Melo has is a Puerto Rican flag on his hand.

Exhibit C: Kenyon Martin

K-Mart is another of the most heavily tattooed Nuggets with a menagerie of ink. He has the face of a baby on his right bicep, the name "Cierra" on his neck along with a new pair of pink lips, my personal favorite Grim Reaper on the left shoulder, and tons of other script on the back of both arms and forearms.

Exhibit D: J.R. Smith

Can anyone say, "Full-Sleeves"? J.R. Smith is the most tattooed Nugget! Neck, hands, back, J.R. has it all! He has the words, "Death Before Dishonor" on his calf, both of his parents' names on either arm, and a detailed depiction of New Jersey on his left bicep with the message, "King of NJ". One things for sure... He is certainly the King of Tattoos!

Exhibit E: Anthony Carter

Much like the man himself, Anthony Carter's ink doesn't command a whole lot of attention, but it's there and you can't deny it. Both arms are nearly covered, but shhhhhhh..... Don't make a big deal out of it.

Exhibit F: Chris Anderson

From the chain around his neck to the self-explanatory wings underneath the Birdman's arms, Chris Andersen fits right in with this team. Welcome home, Birdman. Welcome home!
Exhibit G: Chucky Atkins

Chucky is no slouch either when it comes to having both arm in full mural. He rounds out our expose of skin art on this year's Denver Nuggets.

After all that photographic evidence is there anyone out there who can argue that the Nuggets do not have the most ink in the NBA?

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Go Nuggets!


btalk said...

Very interesting question Nugg Doc. I doubt any other team can "out-tatoo" the Nuggs!! I think it speaks volumes to thier supposed dedications and incites to the words, phrases, and pictures that they adorn themselves with, yet rarely, adhere to. Hmmmm...Do any of them have an honest appraisal of the wearer that says..."I'm ignorant"??

usman said...

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Ritz said...

Hahahahaha - Often remarked among friends about the amount of ink displayed within the Nuggets team! Goooooo Birdman! Need to slightly update the AI and Chauncy swap! From a fan in Sydney. I think I did see a book published about nba and tattoo's must have a search for it!