Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Here We Go Again...

(Boulder-CO) The trash talking between the Utah Jazz, their fans, and the Denver Nuggets, their fans, and me is kicking into full swing. A good friend of mine, who sadly is a Utah Jazz fanatic, sent me this picture this morning to jab me in the ribs.

Obviously, this individual is a Nuggets fan who chooses to express their love for the team in a very, shall we say, interesting manner.

But I ask you, is such a unique way of expressing your loyalty to the team any worse than this, shall we say, classy, Utah Jazz fan?

And of course... There is always this.

Touché, my friends. Touché.

Head over to True Blue Jazz to give the fellas over there the business. Keep it classy!

Go Nuggets!

1 comment:

M. D. said...

wow nuggs gave it a run at the end. I really like watching these teams play. JR Smith was awesome. Too bad harpring wasn't there to kick his ass. Oh well there is always next game.