Sunday, October 26, 2008

Marlowe's High Hopes

(Boulder-CO) I'm up early on a late fall Sunday morning making my usual rounds around the interwebs and to my surprise find the most optimistic forecast for the Denver Nuggets I have ever read.

Fellow blogger and Nuggets play-by-play man, Chris Marlowe knows the team just about as well as anyone, so could his foresight be right? I hope so!

Click here to read, "Welcome to Nuggets Nirvana".

Go Nuggets!


Harris said...

i'm sorry, but chris marlowe might be the worst play-by-play guy in the history of sports. just sayin

ThaAnswer said...

Holy hell that's an optimistic look at it by Marlowe lol. Even as the biggest Nuggets homer this side of the Mississippi, I had to shake my head at some of that.

*sigh* guess it's time to shell out the funds for League Pass again

Jon-Michael said...

I think the point of his preview was "this is what this team is capable of this year" instead of "this is what will happen this year." Do I think this team has the talent to go deep into the playoffs? Absolutely, they boast one of the most talent heavy starting lineups in the NBA, and have a very, very deep bench (as deep as it has been in 13+ years in my opinion).

Does that mean all of these things will happen? Of course not, but it is definitely what this team is capable of if (HUGE IF) they can put their egos aside and play like a team all year.

I think the departure of Marcus Camby will be more of a blessing than a curse for this team. They no longer have an excuse for not playing strong one-on-one defense.