Friday, October 31, 2008

Game 2: Nuggets @ Clippers

(Boulder-CO) The Denver Nuggets continue on the road tonight against the Los Angeles Clippers. The same Clippers that Mr. Marcus Camby plays for. Expect a warm welcome from Camby to all those that he befriended while on the Nuggets, but also expect a spirited effort by the Cambyman too as he without doubt plays with a chip on his shoulder to prove to his old boss that getting rid of him was a mistake.
Expect J.R. Smith to have another big game. I'll quote one of the local guys I play basketball with, "Dude is sick. No one can guard him. He only stops himself on occassion."
And to a certain degree, I agree with him.
Have a happy Halloween everyone. I'm in Kansas seeing my "nephew."
Go Nuggets!

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