Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Game 25: Nuggets @ Rockets

(Boulder-CO) The streaking Mile High crew is in Houston tonight to try and win another game against the three-headed monster of Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady, and Ron Artest. The first time these two teams met Denver won by ten, 104-94, in Denver where the Nuggets haven proven themselves nine out of twelve times. However, tonight the Nuggets are down south and unlike in the first contest, Tracy McGrady is set to play.
The Rockets have been playing very well since Tracy's return despite McGrady's very average outing in his second game back as the team lost a perplexing game to the L.A. Clippers on Saturday night. Winners of five of their last eight, Houston has quality to wins over San Antonio, Atlanta, and a pair over Golden State, but this team can be hit or miss from night-to-night with losses to the Grizzlies and the aforementioned 6-17 Clippers.
But if memory serves me correct, wasn't it the last time these two teams played when Carmelo's elbow limited him to just two points and broke his league-high streak of consecutive games in double-digit scoring?
Yea, that's right, it sure was!
Knowing that, and the fact the Carmelo Anthony has long since passed up the "two-time" scoring champion, Tracy McGrady, and how he is known for getting hurt and staying that way, I feel pretty strong about tonight's outcome. Nene is playing great offensively, Kenyon Martin's defense is as good as it's ever been, Carmelo is putting points in the boxscore at a dizzying pace, and J.R. Smith is like instant points anytime George Karl plays him.
Hell, even the Birdman is near the top of the NBA in blocked shots per game!
Denver has the defensive specialties of Renaldo Balkman and Dahntay Jones to make sure neither Ron Artest or McGrady get to carried away with the ball which is even more reason why I feel the Nuggets are going to be able to win tonight. And, when Yao is forced to be the focal point of the offense, the Rockets really struggle.
Let's face it, Nuggets Nation, these Nuggets are as good as any from yesteryear and we are entitled to a cocky feeling now and then.
Tonight is one of those times. Can you dig it like "Maxi" the Miner?
Go Nuggets!

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