Friday, November 3, 2006

DerMarr is a Bit Disgruntle

(Boulder-CO) Coach George Karl had to make a decision on who would be on the inactive list when the season started. Jamal Samspon, Julius Hodge, and DerMarr Johnson were the unfortunate trio that happened to be on that list. When asked about the Coach’s decision, DerMarr Johnson told the Rocky Mountain News that, “I’m mad as (deleted) about it.” He also added that he understands that Karl had “tough” decision to make.

I think this, (starting the season as an inactive player), is going to turn out to be a positive influence on DerMarr and should light a fire underneath his backside to prove to Karl that he is a full-time member of this team. DerMarr should also keep in mind that this list is very temporary and Karl’s decision could be also influenced by DerMarr being a very late resign this preseason. He may feel that DerMarr’s chemistry with the team is not as developed as some of the other guards and that he just needs more time to adjust to the new offense and recently acquired players.

Keep that chin up DerMarr, it is a long season and I’m sure that with hard work and some developed cohesiveness you are going to see a lot of playing time this year with the Nuggets.

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