Saturday, November 18, 2006

Nuggets Beat Raptors: The Podcast

(Boulder-CO) The 360: The Pitch Podcast with Ryan McNeill is up quicker than I thought and can be listened to by clicking this link: So what if J.R. likes to dance and Cosmo Kramer plays for Toronto? It's a long one, but you will not want to miss it!


Haig said...

Hi Doc,
Just a comment about your Jay Z video links. Both start playing simultaneously as soon as your page opens. Its a pain to have to go and stop each, particularly when I don't want to listen to either. You may want to change the settings on them or just pull them off your blog.

Anyways, keep up the good work. I check your blog every day. Should be an interesting season.

Nugg Doctor said...

Hi haig,

I know that the Jay-Z videos play at the same time and that it is annoying to deal with. Soon they will be in the archives and we will not have to deal with it. I apologize for the glitch, as I can not fix it. Grouper is no Youtube and let's just leave it at that.