Tuesday, November 14, 2006

WHAP! Slapped in the Face

(Boulder-CO) Once again the Nuggets are getting shown no respect with the latest edition of Marc Stein’s power rankings. He ranks the Nuggets at 22nd in the league, and to my dismay thinks that the Portland Trailblazers and Seattle Supersonics are stronger teams than the Nuggets. My email is provided in the profile people, and if you want to make wagers on who will still finish with a better record between these three teams let me know. Otherwise, I laugh until my stomach hurts.

Tonight the Nuggets square off with the defending champion Miami Heat. The Heat are coming off a fourth quarter collapse, and loss, against the Rockets and have shown signs of struggle to be consistent so far this year. Not that the Nuggets are just dominating either, but Carmelo is averaging 29.4 points per game and Denver has four other players, and two posting 9.5 ppg, averaging in double digits.

The aspect of tonight’s game that I think plays the most pivotal role is scoring, (rocket science, I know). The Nuggets come into tonight’s game third best in the NBA in points scored per game at 105.4. The Miami Heat on the other hand are dead last only scoring 88.3 a night. If the Nuggets can push the tempo, tire out Shaq and the rest of the aging Heat, they should find themselves in great shape to win their third straight.

Time to earn some respect, Nuggets. Kenyon is gone, which if last season is any indication is a good thing, and everyone is counting you out. Go out and get one tonight boys!


gucchi said...

gonna be a tough game...gonna root for the nuggs dr....I know you will be rooting right with me...GO NUGGS!!!!

Jon-Michael said...

Personally, I live to hear the no respect comments from the national media. Remember what they were saying about the Nuggets 2 years ago when George Karl took over. Keep them under the radar as long as possible. The first 3 weeks of the season power rankings are always skewed. It's November, lets see where the TrailBlazers are in April.

Jim Dunn said...

Hey it's early man, don't worry about Marc Stein, guy doesn't know anything. Denver will show up and win some ball games pretty soon here. They have potential to shake things up in the West this season.

Stumbleweed said...

Wow, what a nice win. It was sloppy early, but they really tightened up in the 4th -- and Andre was absolutely incredible. There were so many filthy dunks happening tonight -- I don't think there's any team in the league that's more exciting to watch than the Nuggets. That alley-oop from J.R. to 'Melo was beautiful.

Editorial Alert! -- I love Earl, but he's really got to get his game going. I can't take any more of thie 'drive into the paint and lose the handle' strategy. If he doesn't have his shot going, he's a total turnover machine. I hope Hodge gets healthy soon so they can have another option running the point. As much as it pains me to say it, Earl is only really good in small doses. He's been a total liability this year so far except when he's at the line. It's much better when Andre is in there and Earl plays the 2 -- he doesn't need the ball in his hands that much.

I was impressed with the way they played tonight though -- Reggie is a big boost off the bench, and I'm really glad they decided to bring him back. I still can't believe Andre made those two threes.

Amar said...

I am still at a loss as to why the hell the Nuggets still have Kenyon Martin on the roster. Maybe the worst free agent signing in NBA history. With all that cap room in '04, why didn't you guys throw all that money at Steve Nash? Imagine Nash and Melo in Denver.

To think that you guys are a better team when your highest paid player is out has to hurt bad.