Friday, November 3, 2006

United We Stand

(Boulder-CO) A fellow top-notch blogger friend of mine, Natalie over at, has put together a petition that at least puts those of us who feel this new technical foul policy is a bit too hardcore in a position to express how we feel. Whether or not it will make it to the Commish's desk is yet to be seen, but I recommend that you check it out by clicking on this link: If you feel that this new rule change is potentially going to take away from some of the passion and character of the game, get on board and let your feelings be known. I for one am very interested to see how this will all play out...


Stumbleweed said...

It took me all of 2 seconds to sign that. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. It probably won't have an impact, because Stern is notoriously stubborn on these things, but at least I was able to register my disgust in some concrete way.

If those morons throw another Nugget out at one of the 11 games I'm attending this year, I'll register it in person. No Fun League, here we come. No wonder soccer refs get so many death threats.

Anonymous said...

I shall not sign it. I am for no bitching, they are just making an example of these first cases. It will settle down in a couple weeks.

It's not zero tolerance, it's less tolerance.

PizzaDaHutt said...

I'm with Ra on this one. Consistency is all that is needed.

Nugg Doctor said...


I knew once the regular season rolled around that you would surface once again. Great to see you back and I'm looking forward to all your good humored fun because everyone needs an arch nemesis!

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor