Monday, November 20, 2006

Kenyon is Exception-able

(Boulder-CO) Everybody in the free world, which cares about basketball, knows that Kenyon Martin is done for the season after his second microfracture surgery took place last week. Now what is developing is if the Nuggets are going to be able to get his injury covered by the NBA’s injury exception rule. If he is covered by the rule for players that suffer season-ending injuries the Nuggets will have 5.2 million dollar bait for a potential free agent or player that has been waived by another team.

Ben Maller reports on his rumors and notes page, “The Nuggets anticipate being granted the exception due to Kenyon Martin being out for the season, although there is no guarantee they would use it. It would be valid until late December, and the Nuggets could use it to sign or claim a player off waivers, but not for a trade.”

However, Kenyon Martin is acting exceptionably generous and appears to be in the holiday spirit. In this weekend’s paper, Chris Tomasson of the Rocky Mountain News reported all kinds of praise for the injured Kenyon Martin.

“He's got a heart of gold," Belinda Haley, pastor of Denver's Mt. Carmel Community Baptist Church, said of Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin. Tomasson said, “Martin checked out (From Vail after surgery) early so he could be at the church Friday to distribute 100 Thanksgiving meals to disadvantaged families for a third straight year.”

And if Martin has anything he is asking Santa for this Christmas, it is a healthy and speedy recovery. “I expect to play next year,” Martin said. “If it's not in November, whenever it is, I'm going to be back. I made it through one. I'm going to make it through another.” The Nuggets power forward would appear to have the right attitude and so does the doctor that performed the operation.

Dr. Steadman released a statement in which he said microfracture surgery was performed and it's, “anticipated that (Martin) will return to full activity at the start of the 2007 season.”

But on a more business related note now that we are all feeling warm and fuzzy, the Nuggets are very active in trying to get that injury exception. In another quote pulled from the Rocky Mountain News, “A source said the Nuggets plan to apply for the $5.2 million exception. NBA spokesman Tim Frank said there is no deadline to apply, but, if granted, the exception would expire 45 days from Martin's surgery date. Insurance is expected to pay $4.5 million of Martin's $11.82 million salary.” And hopefully, provides the Nuggets with a little bit of leeway if they decide to make any moves before the trade deadline in February.

The Nuggets stand at an even 4-4 on the year and have the Chicago Bulls coming to town tomorrow night to be corralled by the Nuggets.


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