Thursday, November 9, 2006

Wanna Get Nuts? Alright, Let’s Get Nuts!

(Boulder-CO) As if the power forward position wasn’t murky enough in the Mile High City, Kenyon Martin has knee problems again. And once again there is heavy speculation on a plethora of so-called truths surrounding the story. The wide spectrum of reports range in speculation that K-Mart might need to have loose cartilage removed or that he may have torn his medial meniscus in his right knee. There is so much that is not known right now about the strange injury that there might even be more to this story than initially meets the eye.

Nuggets fans need to know that the team is going to be without Martin until basically the turn of the New Year. That means that he is going to miss the better part of 30 games in total and when, or should I say if, he comes back in a Nuggets uniform he will once again need to be inserted into an already crowded front line. A front line that doesn’t make much sense to me right now with Reggie Evans not having taken off his warm-ups in any of the first three games.

Now it’s time to really get nuts! Are you ready? There has also been a bunch of rumors swirling around the possibility of K-Mart being shipped back east to either the Knicks or back with Nets to reunite with Jason Kidd. Isiah Thomas also seemed to be suspiciously disappointed when informed that Kenyon was injured and would not play last night. Zeke made this statement, “Oh, no. If he's down, I'll miss him.” He elaborated by saying, “He's one of the great guys in this league and he's one of the true competitors in this league. He's definitely one of my favorite players that I like to watch. I don't like coaching against him because when he was with the Nets, I never could beat him.”

Then we have the consistent banter of local sports personalities still referring to Kenyon Martin as a ticking time bomb of such. Furthermore, said personalities are wondering if things were ever really patched up with George Karl after the two tangled in last season’s playoffs. Could the two have been just playing nice considering they both had to share the same sandbox for the time being? Only time will tell, and at this point it would seem like the Nuggets are now once again playing the waiting game with Kenyon Martin.

All this plus Isiah was rumored to have been trying to corral Kenyon’s services for the Knicks as early as this season. I’m thinking I smell something fishy going on. I’m not sure what it is, but something is not right with this situation and when you consider how the power forward was told about the situation going on with his knee. The story just gets that much more intriguing.
The report is that Kenyon was all but spatted up and ready to bang against the Knicks before being told that he was going to be a scratch. If the knee was that bad, and history is any indication, Kenyon would have let someone know that he was hurting. Particularly, if the pain was so great that he wasn’t able to perform. Even more so after he drove baseline late in the fourth quarter of the Timberwolves game before throwing down a gianormous two handed jam. It just isn’t all adding up for me some how… And I’m going to be very interested as to how this all pans out.


Celtics Bandwagon said...

Tough to see Martin go down. That seems to hurt the Nuggets chances of making a trade and possibly geting getting a 3 point shooter. Of coure overall the Nuggets never ending quest to collect 4s and 5s in the new NBA is one of the biggest head scratchers out there.

Steve said...

It was strange how it happened... he's supposedly heading to the floor, and they tell him he's not playing. I'm no fan of KMart, but you gotta feel for the guy - he's been through a lot since his last year at Cincy. BTW, mentioning Reggie Evans and nuts in the same post should give you some nice google hits.