Saturday, November 25, 2006

This Little Piggy

(Boulder-CO) This next story was just too bizarre for me NOT to post something about it. In the Rocky Mountain News on Friday, Brian Mahoney of the Associated Press reported an interesting anecdote about Eddie Najera, and his peculiar way of putting on his socks. We have all seen the socks pulled up so high that they give David Stern nightmares just thinking about players wearing tights, but Eddie’s style is a little bit different.

In a quote taken from Mahoney’s article, “The Nuggets forward doesn’t pull his ankle-high socks all the way over his foot, instead leaving extra material hanging over his toes, then folding that over the top of his foot to make a double layer of protection under his shoelaces.”

Eddie then is quoted saying, “I don’t get blisters, that’s why I’ve got the prettiest toes in the league.” What!?!? The last thing I would want to be known for league-wide is having the prettiest feet! Not because taking care of your feet is not a noble quality, but you would have to wonder about a fellow NBA player that would pay you that compliment…

He even admits to the occasional pedicure to pamper his feet. Najera’s not the only one using this sock routine: He learned it from teammate Andre Miller, a longtime sock folder himself, reports Mahoney.

Bizarre to say the least is all the commentary I will add. Socks, shoes, pedicures, ahhhh I don’t care as long as Eduardo “Energy” Najera keeps giving this team a rock-solid starting power forward. I mean, you gotta love that hustle!


Lil Dice said...

I don't know what's more bizarre- the fact that he's bragging about his pretty feet or that he's getting pedicures. Nice find, Dr. Nugg.

Nugg Doctor said...

Thanks lil dice,

I found it a little bit of a peculiar human interest story too.

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor