Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Nuggets Talking Garbage

(Boulder-CO) Sometimes players talking garbage to each other can bring the most competitive spirit out and lead to great things. Michael Jordan was known for calling out his teammates and making them play better than even they thought they could. Other times players talking garbage to each other can lead to dissention, contempt, and even fisticuffs between teammates. It is a blade that cuts both ways and the Nuggets are reportedly going at it like two knife fighting gypsies.

Today Ben Maller is reporting on his rumors and notes page that George Karl had to listen to incessant trash talk at yesterday’s practice. So much that he needed to step on the floor and leave the Nuggets players with a message regarding the verbal exchanges. Maller quoted George Karl as saying, “You can be a hell of a (expletive) team or floundering in mediocrity of the NBA, let's play the right way.”

Hopefully the Nuggets were spitting fire at each other in an attempt to bring the best out in one another. There is a big difference between demeaning a teammate for their weaknesses and pushing them to be better by exposing them. As for who was talking the garbage to whom, and what was being said, that is probably going to be kept real hush hush. But be rest assured on this Nuggets fans, I can almost guarantee that if the Nuggets were this fired up three days before hosting the Knicks that they will be ready to put the whooping on New York when they get after it on Wednesday night.

And on a semi-related side note… Maybe the Nuggets are talking trash to each other because they have only played two games thus far. Other NBA teams are closing in on their fourth and even fifth game of the season while the Nuggets are probably getting tired of only practicing against each other. I hope that no one’s feelings got hurt in the fracas and this type of intensity gets transformed into cohesiveness when turned on an NBA foe.

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nanananana said...

Nugg dr-I am hoping that the boys will reserve the hit and holla for the NY boys and come out with that distaste to get a W under their belts. It is time~