Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Answer Coming to Denver!

(Boulder-CO) The Denver Nuggets and the Philadelphia 76ers have agreed, in principle, to a deal that will send Andre Miller, (a tear drops from my eye), and Joe Smith, plus the Nuggets two first round picks in the 2007 draft to the Sixers for Allen Iverson. Denver’s answer to losing one thirty-point scorer is to supplement their offense by acquiring the only other thirty-point scorer in the league. Allen Iverson. This type of action still needs the approval of the NBA, but that should be no sweat in receiving.

These are the guts of the story, but to read more, I encourage you to go check out Marc Stein and Chris Sheridans’ article further detailing the situation at this link right here:

Andre Miller was one of my favorite players and I will still hold a flame for him, but I am excited to have Allen Iverson in Denver. Now things really get a chance to get wild in the Mile High City! Are you ready for this, Denver?


Lil Dice said...

I can't believe it's over and that Denver got him. I'm happy for you but, along with the majority of Wolves fans, am really bummed about it. Damn.

Fence said...

Wow. Things in Denver just got that much more interesting. It's always exciting when you can acquire a player of Iverson's calibre, but I will miss the stability that comes with a solid point guard like Andre. Between Iverson, 'Melo, and the woeful K-Mart contract, how do you see the Nuggets avoiding a financial quagmire?

Nugg Doctor said...

That is a great question, Fence. Let me look into that, contact a couple of folks, and get back to you.

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor

Nugg Doctor said...


The deal will also include Ivan McFarlin from the 76ers.

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor

jans said...

Lets run baby, lets run.
I know George Karl cant wipe that little grin off his face. He loves a challenge and he loves hard working, tough nosed players.......well, he just got the little engine that could. I can see Diawara getting some good time as the only perimiter defender on the floor. Its gonna be fast breaks, steals, blocks, wild shots and short clocks.
Welcome to the new wild west.