Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Iverson-Who Gives a Damn-Rumors

(Boulder-CO) There are all types of conflicting rumors circulating right now concerning the Allen Iverson trade circus and it seems to be getting even more complicated. Last night during the half-time show on Altitude, Bill Hanzlik said something to the effect that the Nuggets probably will not have a chance of having AI end up in Denver.

But now this morning I open up my day to Ben Maller saying that the Nuggets are offering up Nene in a package deal for the future hall of fame player!

Maller reports, “One front-office type said some calls to his colleagues had led to a conclusion that Billy King's asking price for Allen Iverson was too high. For the fourth straight day, King was unavailable for comment. The Denver Nuggets, however, were still at least on the periphery of the talks. A source indicated last night that Denver was willing to part with center Nene as part of a package for Iverson and that George Karl had expressed no problems with coaching Iverson. Karl has dealt with high-wire acts many times in his career, having coached a young Gary Payton in Seattle and an old Anthony Mason in Milwaukee. The Nuggets would also be willing to deal injured forward Kenyon Martin, but the Sixers have no interest in the surgically susceptible forward. Martin is out for the year following a second microfracture knee surgery in November and still is due $59.75 million after this season.”

The same quote was also on and allegedly was pulled from the Philadelphia Inquirer. The Denver post is also reporting, “The Nuggets are still running in the race for Philadelphia 76ers guard Allen Iverson, according to league sources.”

To shoot back to the east coast for a final opinion on all this madness, the Boston Herald states, “Denver with an offer said to include Nene, Eduardo Najera, and J.R. Smith, and the Clippers with a package that may or may not include the much coveted Shaun Livingston- reportedly jumped to the front of what has been characterized as a very frustrated pack.”

Here is the last opinion that I am going to offer until he gets traded; I do not want to see J.R. Smith or Andre Miller traded under any circumstances. If the Nuggets want to deal Nene, Najera, Linas, or Earl that is fine with me, but not ’Dre or J.R.! And honestly, it wouldn’t bother me if the Nuggets just dropped out of the AI race altogether. To me, it just doesn’t seem like a fire the Nuggets should be playing with.


Jon-Michael said...

Your diagnosis couldn't be more accurate doctor. Gutting your franchise for Allen Iverson is not a good move. Sure we will have two 30 ppg in Carmelo and AI, but if the 76ers want the likes of Camby, Nene, Miller, or JR Smith they are crazy. Miller is in the top 10 in assists per game, and that isn't a fluke. The guy is playing hard this year. Nene will be the man in the middle when Camby hangs it up (Camby's in his 11th year), and JR Smith is the perfect complement to Carmelo's game. AI will want the ball and take 30 shots a game minimum. Carmelo is the leader of this team and having another "leader" on the team that fills the same roll Carmelo does will only cause problems. The Nuggets are off to their best start in years, let's remember that. The Nuggets have been in every trade rumor for the last few years without ever pulling the trigger on a blockbuster trade (except Kenyon). This isn't going to happen.

One last thing to consider, a truly great player makes his teammates better in addition to himself (ie Magic, MJ, Bird, Hakeem, Steve Nash nowadays is a perfect example). A.I. doesn't do that.

Christian said...

Give me a break. If you can get AI, you get AI. No one is untradeable except Carmelo. AI will give you a minimum 3 years of all-star calibur play, not to mention the benefit to the franchise by having his name attached to it. Yes we are all infatuated with J.R right now, but please. AI is over 30 and he has been dying to play alongside a true superstar for years. When Webber showed up in Philly, he was exstatic because he thought he actually had a legitimate #2. If he came here, he would defer to Melo, and they would compliment eachother's games. He would stretch the D, opening up the floor for Melo the way J.R. has this year, only better. Remember when Shaq went to Miami and everyone said Riley overpaid? Riley's argument was that Shaq made Miami an instant title contender. The Nuggets have a chance to become true title contenders this year. If you're the Nuggets you do anything you can to get AI.

Nugg Doctor said...

Interesting take, Christian. One with some very valid points of view however different they are in comparison to mine. One thing for sure concerning this whole circus is that it is quickly going to be decided. Only time will tell if it becomes something that the Nuggets Nation will have to be thinking about.

Jim Dunn said...

I don't think that Iverson would be a good idea for Denver. Two of the leauge's top scorers (AI being the leading scorer), one basketball. Not a good deal. I don't think that Iverson has good enough teamwork skills to be able to play well with the likes of Carmelo and J.R. Smith, who like to score a little themselves. Overall, I think that Denver should just stay away from anything to do with Allen Iverson.