Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Nuggets vs. Celtics in the Egg Nog Hangover

(Boulder-CO) When the Celtics come to Denver the day after Christmas let’s hope that the Nuggets aren’t suffering from a holiday hangover. The last time these two teams met the Nuggets took the L, 119-114. This time the Nuggets will be looking for pay-back. Only they will be short the combined averages of 60 points from Carmelo, J.R. Smith, and Marcus Camby. Tough game, but the Nuggets have a new secret weapon… AI!

Allen Iverson will play his second game as a Denver Nugget tonight and I expect him to be a touch more selfish on the offensive end. Last game he gave Denver ten assists, should have had upwards of 15, but tonight I expect him to take more off the dribble and look to get to the line more frequently.

Yakhouba Diawara needs to shake that sorry performance from Friday night, and come out with a different game plan. Yakhouba needs to also go to the rack tonight before letting fly any three-pointers. By doing this, he will hopefully get some easy buckets, some trips to the charity stripe, and get his other teammates involved. When this happens you will see Yak-em Smack-em hit his outside shot more because he will be more confident and be within the flow of the game.

The Celtics will be without Paul Pierce and should be a bit confused on offense. After winning five straight, the C’s have lost their last deuce and Denver needs to capitalize on their discombobulated state.

Hopefully, Nene will have laced up a new pair of risers for tonight’s game. I think the pair he was wearing on Friday night were wet and heavy, thus keeping him from jumping off the floor very quick, or high! Seriously, 60 million clams is too much money for a guy that gets his lay-ups swatted more than he flushes ‘em! Time to get a rise out of “Big Brazil” if the Nuggets are going to be successful. Go Denver!

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rjp said...

I'm really looking forward to see how AI plays in his 2nd game tonight. Nuggets should give the Celtics all they can handle. Not only do they not have Pierce, but over the last 7 days the Celtics have had to travel almost 1800 miles while the Nuggets haven't had to go anywhere but rest at home.