Monday, December 18, 2006

Huh, What, There’s a Game Tonight?

(Boulder-CO) That’s right, Jabrones! The Nuggets, despite catastrophic distraction, are actually going to be in action again tonight, at home, against the Washington Wizards. Gilbert Arenas is coming off a red-hot 60 point performance last night against the Lakers and will need to be shut down (ok, contained) if the Nuggets are to have any shot without the combined Anthony/Smith average of 48.4 points.

It is going to be a very interesting box score regardless of who wins. Where the Nuggets are going to find the type of scoring they will be missing should be a complex problem to figure out. Is it going to be Yakhouba, Earl, or Linas who steps up and scores the basketball? Or are we possibly just a couple hours away from a monster performance from Reggie Evans? There is just no way of telling how this team is going to react.

Another note to this game will be the defensive effort of Yakhouba Diawara on Agent Zero. Honestly, I think that if the Yak, with help from his teammates, can keep Arenas under 25 they have a real chance of getting the dubya.

Not having Nene available is also going to force Marcus Camby to play a ton of minutes tonight. Reggie Evans, Eduardo Najera, and Linas Kleiza are all going to need to have solid games for the Nuggets to have any type of shot in this one.

Limiting the three-pronged attack of Jamison (Who I have a funny anecdote about), Arenas and Caron Butler will be the key to this game. I think that if you can keep them under 60 the Wizards as a team struggle. But, then again, Agent Zero had 60 by himself last night!


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great first half. Hopefully I'm not jinxing them by putting this into the internet ether, but they've got a great chance to get this win in a big fashion. I couldn't believe that first quarter -- hustle like crazy.

Let's hope they can keep this up throughout this home stretch and get Melo back in good position to make a playoff push. I get to check them out tomorrow night against the Suns, and I'll be sporting my Camby jersey without a doubt. He's playing amazing tonight -- 9/12/3 in the first half? Camby for DPOY.

Nugg Doctor said...

You're right, the Nuggets look pretty good. I'm just afraid that not all that glitters is gold because there is no way that this will persist for another 14 games. There is going to be some low points, and you can bet on that.

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor

Seth said...

Congrats on a solid short-handed W.

Seth said...

What's your Jamison anecdote?

JJ said...

so we pulled it off! any W will help. anyway i was wondering or my roommates were wondering if u have a nugg dr. t-shirt yet??? just curious

Nugg Doctor said...


I unfortunately do not have any merchandise as of this time, but sooner or later, the demand will be great enough and I will start producing novelty items. Come to think of it... I need some money. T-Shirts might be in the works.

I'll keep you posted,

The Nugg Doctor