Wednesday, December 20, 2006

“Killer Duo”

(Boulder-CO) I just finished watching the ESPN Stephen A. Smith interview with Allen Iverson and I couldn’t be more juiced right now about Friday night. With any luck the Answer will get flown in tomorrow sometime after the snow stops, 20 inches and counting, and will be versed in the Denver Nuggets offense and out of bounds sets so he is quasi-ready for Friday night.

My take is that a guy with Allen Iverson’s resume will not need too long of a briefing, but rather just a play-book with a few helpful pointers. The rest will come with time and experience with his new teammates. I quote AI from his TV appearance with Stephen A when Smith asked him how he felt about playing with Carmelo Anthony. AI said, “We are killer duo.” Smith asked him to elaborate on that and Iverson replied with, “We are going to be hard to stop.” It was enough to make my blood pressure rise just thinking about being at the Pepsi Center for one of the greatest undersized players in the rich history of the NBA suiting up for the Nuggets.

Colorado has declared a state of emergency due to this wild snow storm. I will have some pictures up tomorrow of what could be the biggest blizzard I have ever lived through. Nearly 30 inches of snow fell when I was back in college in 2003, but the Christmas blizzard of 2006 is going to give it a good run for its money. If you are enduring this spectacle of Mother Nature with me I urge you to stay off the road, stay warm, and hang tight.

Big things are on the way!


Anonymous said...

So I just dropped my $50 for first row center court tickets for Friday. Granted, they're up in Section 343, but I'm still ridiculously pumped. Christmas shopping be damned!

And yeah, I just watched that interview also, and I had the same reaction as you. I'm just really excited to see where this goes. Allen seems genuinely excited to play with Melo, Marcus, and the rest of the guys, and I really think that he'll prove his doubters wrong and cement his legacy here in Denver.

Let's hope the snow lets up so he can fly in. I hope I didn't spend an extra $50 and AI's plane can't land.

RD said...

If the game isn't made up before Jan 20, does that extend Melo's return?

Nugg Doctor said...

I believe so, rd. Unfortunately.

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor

Jason said...

Yeah it extends the debut of Melo and AI to Jan 22nd vs Memphis if they don't make the game up between now and then.