Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bipolar Disorder with Allen Iverson

(Boulder-CO) As I have continued to keep an eye on the Allen Iverson situation it seems as if the Nuggets just can’t resist keeping their name out of speculation. I feel that the Boston Celtics and Sacramento Kings are the front runners in the deal, but I still can’t refrain from thinking about “What if” the Nuggets some how landed the Answer? With that in mind, I have decided to play a short game of “Bipolar Disorder” with the possibilities that Iverson could bring with him to the Nuggets. Let’s begin, shall we?

The game goes like this: I am going to think about the five biggest advantages and disadvantages, in a bipolar-ish fashion, of having a player like Allen Iverson on the Nuggets.


1. He plays even if he is hurt and you never have to question his heart!
2. He was my best overall player by analysis at the All-Star break last year.
3. He could take some pressure off Carmelo in the scoring department.
4. He is averaging better than two steals a night.
5. He loves to push the tempo of the game.

1. He would clash with ‘Melo for leadership duties on this team!
2. Having AI and Boykins on the same team makes back court rebounding non-existent.
3. He hates to practice, making a collision with George Karl inevitable.
4. He blames others for lack of team success.
5. Not shooting so hot from downtown this year (A major concern for the Nuggets).

These are just the obvious pros and cons of the Nuggets making a move for Allen Iverson. The not so obvious reasons, or should I say contingencies, are who the Nuggets would have to give up to land such a fish. I am strongly against the trade of Andre Miller under any circumstances because ‘Dre is just as durable, is averaging better than nine assists, and is scoring about 15 points a game. Not to mention the number of minutes he plays and the fact that he is the motor that makes this team run.

Nene is a base player this year so that makes only half his salary trade eligible and I doubt that anyone, even the 76ers, want to take a chance on Kenyon Martin. That leaves the Nuggets in a position that if they were going to make a serious push for AI they would have to have a yard sale of young players to make the numbers work. Not wise in my assessment, but sometimes the “What if” factor is just too great to not pay attention to. Even if it means acting a little bipolar!


Seth said...

I think the Nugs are better off without him...it is fun to imagine, though.

Nugg Doctor said...

Fun!?!? Who said anything about fun?

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor

nanananana said...

I question why the Nugget's Org. would even speculate names with the media or could it be a paparazzi rumor or the Nugget's Org. shaking up the players to keep them on their toes??? ps love the graphics!

lynngnews said...

As a sufferer of bipolar disorder, I am a little surprised that you as a doctor would flit the term about in such a facetious manner. Though I must say that what you did is better than the almost daily articles that have to mention that the perpetrator of such and such a crime claims to be bipolar -- you didn't make us out as ax murderers.

Hmmm. Thinking about it more....a bipolar is someone who sees both sides of an issue? Not so bad an illness after all. Would that it were true.

Nugg Doctor said...


Thanks for the kind words. I don't ever send anything or anyone up the river without sound analysis of all the sides of the story. However, if someone starts swinging an axe... I could care less what they are as long as my neck isn't the one on the chopping block!

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor