Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Snowed Out!

(Frigid-Boulder-CO) The Denver Nuggets will have another back -to-back on the schedule this year because of a MASSIVE blizzard. Tonight's game will most likely be made up tomorrow night as neither the Nuggets or the Suns have a game scheduled.
I am in Boulder, and there is more than a foot already and the storm is not expected to stop producing snow until about noon tomorrow. Maybe Allen Iverson WILL play against the Suns on Thursday night, but if he doesn't... I will be at the game Friday night for his debut thanks to a very generous friend. Club level and AI. What else could I ask for as an early holiday gift? Needless to say, I got the first round!


QuikChris said...

The game won't be made up tomorrow because the Avalanche are playing at Pepsi center vs. the Flames on Thursday night, and the Blackhawks on Saturday night. The soonest the game will be made up is Dec. 24th on Sunday, but the NBA doesn't have any other games scheduled on Christmas eve, there's one game scheduled on Christmas day and nothing going on at the Pepsi center, but I don't see that happening either. I'd speculate that it's either going to be Christmas day, New Year's day, or Thursday, January 4th.

Nugg Doctor said...

Good point. I hadn't considered the Avs in my thinking. Hmmmmm, sounds like a Christmas Day game featuring the Suns and the Nuggs might be in order.

Thanks for the tip, and reading,

The Nugg Doctor

Jason said...

Oh man I remember that blizzard in 03. I was a freshman at Colorado State and we got pretty much the entire week off because of nearly 40 inches of snow. It was the week after spring break so everyone was back, nobody could leave, and nobody had anything to do... biggest party week I experienced at college hands down.