Thursday, December 28, 2006

Nuggets vs. Sonics Preview

(Boulder-CO) In tonight’s match-up both teams may be facing an adversary that there just isn’t any defense for. Said adversary is the freak weather that we in Colorado have been experiencing in the last two weeks. Just ask the Phoenix Suns, they had to spend a couple days in Denver after the last 30+ inches fell in about twelve hours last week. The Nuggets/Suns never got to play the game that night and now the Sonics are about to witness another winter blast that is expected to drop at least a foot of wet, heavy snow on the Mile High City.
This is my prayer, O’ Lord, please hear my voice.

Please, do not leave me with a blizzard outside and no game to watch tonight. I don’t ask for much, give so selflessly, and always buy Girl Scout cookies. Will you please intervene divinely and ensure that there is a game for me to watch?

Ok, enough is enough.

Tonight’s game has already been predicted by yours truly to be a win for the D-Town faithful in my week-long match up of predicting games with Nick over at, so I need this one. Snow or no snow. Go check it out sometime.

My cohort and I, Mike over at, were talking after Tuesday’s win and I came up with a formula that I think is the key to the Nuggets success while shorthanded. The formula is AI+3=W’s. That’s AI being AI plus three other solid contributions in one way or another for a Nuggets victory. When Denver gets an effort that stretches four-deep they typically win because it indicates that their fast break is running. It starts with a good defensive rebound and outlet pass and usually ends with an easy bucket or trip to the line and a smiling George Karl.

The Sonics are riding the wave of two straight wins after bouncing back from a six game skid. Luke Ridnour is coming off a 27-point game performance against the Hornets and is always aided by Jesus Shuttlesworth AKA Ray Allen. The Nuggets can either run the Sonics out of the gym or make sure that Ray Ray doesn’t get hot if they want to win.

That is… if there is a game. Curse you snow storm!
UPDATE: Jesus Shuttlesworth is not going to play tonight due to his child being born! Congratulations, Ray Ray.


Jim Dunn said...

Hopefully you get to see the game Doc. I think I was wrong about AI. I watched some of the game against Boston the other day and Iverson looked pretty good. If he can keep dishing to his teammates while scoring 20 or 25 at the same time he'll work out great in Denver. Now we just have to wait and see if he can play the same kind of basketball he has in his first two games with Denver when Melo gets back.

Unknown said...

Any chance they play in the snow?!

Knepster said...

I hate this snow. I have tickets tonight, there better be a game, and I better be able to get to the light rail station.

Nugg Doctor said...

I am looking high and low for the answer to that question, rjp.

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor