Friday, December 8, 2006

Denver vs. Miami Preview

(Boulder-CO) After all the Iverson rumors have been read and either kept as valuable or thrown into the garbage, here is a short and sweet preview for tonight’s match-up with the Heat. The Miami Heat are on the tail end of back-to-back road games and should be tuckered out after it took overtime for them to win against Sacramento last night. They probably didn’t get into Denver until late and to sleep until even later. A well-rested Denver should take advantage with a hot start in the first quarter.

The Nuggets need to score at a frenzied pace to erase the Hawks debacle from their memory and I could easily see ‘Melo exploding for 40 tonight. The Shaq-less Heat are easy to figure out; you stop Dwayne Wade and you win. Let him run wild and anything can happen because the guy is just that good. I say sic’ the Yak on him and help on penetration. The late start should also be in the Nuggets favor as it will be near or possibly later than one o’clock in the morning out east when this game is finished. Let’s go Denver, bounce back time!

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Seth said...

Oh my goodness, Earl!