Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kamla Shows J.R. Love

(Boulder-CO) Rick Kamla of NBA TV gives J.R. Smith some serious props in this highlight clip from last night's win over Memphis. Kamla calls Smith, "One of the most explosive players in the league."

Go Nuggets!


Geerten said...

It's not only Kamla. JR has been getting some fairly positive critiques from all over the world lately. I've always loved this kid's game. He's been our most spectacular player and I believe in his talent. I hope the front office does as well and will keep him in Denver for some more years.

BTW, anyone noticed how JR entered the game wearin' high socks, couldn't throw it in the ocean in the first half, went back to the locker room early and returned with normal socks in the second half (and oh yeah... ridiculously on fire)?

ThaAnswer said...

I noticed the socks. Figured he went back to the locker room to change those and lose the headband.

I read JR simply forgot his handband though. Keep forgettin it JR!

Harlowgold said...

I'm a big JR fan too, glad to see he's taking his game to another level. We need him to play great so we can make the playoffs....he's our 3 threat.