Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nugges vs. Sixers: Game 68 Preview

(Boulder-CO) Tonight should be a special night for Allen Iverson. It marks his first return to Philly since being traded last year. It is also a special night for Nuggets' fans who still hold a torch for Andre Miller. Miller is what I like to call a real pro's pro, and I will surely be glad to see Andre play again.
My hope is that the historically brutal Philadelphia fans realize what Allen Iverson meant to the franchise while he was a part of the Sixers and give him a warm welcome.

With all that sentimental crap being said, Denver needs this win. A loss in Philly tonight would be a disaster in the grand scheme of the playoff picture.

Below is a great clip of some of Allen Iverson's best moves and quotes from his time in Philly.

Go Nuggets!


Her Highness the Li'l Mama said...

Sad this about this game is even if the Nuggets win, AI's old team would probably make the playoffs and his new team may end up being on the outside looking in.

Let's just keep hoping Golden State keeps losing though they haven't been doing much of that lately

ThaAnswer said...

That is my all-time favorite AI video. Even gets me a little teary eyed! GO Nuggets!

Nugg Doctor said...

That makes two of us!

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor

NoYPi said...

i feel sorry for ai for 2 reasons:

1. his new team is not making the playoffs, his old team is, and

2. his old team beat his new team, again. (what happened to marcus this game? can anyone tell me??)

Go Nuggets for Next Year!


ThaAnswer said...

The only reason I watch basketball. I can't put it into words

NoYPi said...

i know how you feel thaanswer, sad thing is, 1 or 2 more rebounds from camby (what happened to him this game?) or a couple more made free throws could have won the game. everyone else just doesn't seem to want it like ai and us, the fans..