Saturday, March 29, 2008

Nuggets vs. Warriors: Game 73 Preview

(Boulder-CO) It’s actually quite simple, the winner of this game temporarily owns the eighth spot in the Western Conference playoff picture. The Golden State Warriors currently hold a half game advantage over the Nuggets with one less loss, but both teams have 44 wins and somebody is leaving with 45 and the eighth seed tonight!

The Nuggets have won four straight and seven of nine, outscoring their opponents by 15.0 points during that stretch. The Warriors have only been able to alternate wins in their last night games, including their last win over Portland on Friday after struggling early with the Trailblazers.

Momentum advantage: Nuggets

Load up the truck, Nuggets Nation. All ten final games of the regular season are going to be gianormous, but tonight’s home game against the Warriors is the only one that matters! The Nuggets have split the first two meetings between these two teams and after tonight have one more trip up to Oakland to face these guys before all is said and done. Time to send a message tonight, gentlemen. And that message is the Denver Nuggets are playoff bound!

Go Nuggets!

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ThaAnswer said...

I ran across this. Now which name doesn't belong..

Most Technicals this Year

Kobe Bryant 15
Baron Davis 11
Rasheed Wallace 11
Carmelo Anthony 10
Linas Kleiza 10
Chris Paul 10