Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nuggets vs. Pistons: Game 67 Preview

(Boulder-CO) Well, this is where the Nuggets' season is going to be made or missed. Tonight we travel to Detroit to face one of the beasts in the East in the Pistons. This five-game Eastern Conference road trip that could ultimately hold the fate of the Nuggets' postseason dreams includes two back-to-back sets and a gimmie against Memphis. First things first, and that's the Pistons. A team that the Nuggets haven't beat in a dog's age in Detroit, and tonight's bill is a steep one.

As always, you can go see the queen of the NBA Blogosphere, Natalie at Need4Sheed, but for today's preview I have teamed up with Matt over at Detroit Bad Boys for a light-hearted three question Q&A. Here are my questions for Matt and his answers, but for the answers to Matt's questions from me you guys know the deal. Head over to his site and watch out for 'Sheed heaving any 60-footers to force overtime!

ND: Kenyon Martin and Jason Maxiel were both Bearcats at UC. Who gets the top bunk? Who wins in an arm wrestling match?

MW: Considering Martin would have his leg in a cast at any point in time,I'm guessing he'd want the bottom bunk. And I'm taking Maxiell is the arm wrestling contest -- eating babies builds strong muscles.

ND: Are you even the slightest bit worried that the Nuggets might score 200 points against the Pistons given their recent offensive onslaught?

MW: 1983 is safe -- if Kiki Vandeweghe and Kelly Tripucka couldn't do it, no one can.

ND: Who in the East poses the biggest threat against the Pistons making it back to the Finals this year?

MW: Just to annoy the entire state of Massachusetts, I'm going to give the arrogant answer and say ... Detroit. The difference between the Pistons being "on" and "off" in any given game is amazing/horrifying. (But yeah, those guys in green are kind of good, too.)

Great stuff, Matt. Anytime there is a Kelly Tripucka reference it makes my day! (Fear the mullet!)

Here are Matt's questions for me:

MW: How much does it suck being in the West where the Nuggets might win50 games and not make the playoffs? Is it time to change the playoffs?

MW: The last time the Nuggets won a regular-season game in Detroit, Joe Dumars was still playing and Jalen Rose was a rookie. What makes you think the Nuggets can win tonight?

MW: Seriously, where can I get one of those Leprechaun flutes?

Head over to Detroit Bad Boys for my answers!

Go Nuggets!

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NBAroto.com said...

Fun interview, ND. Count me as one Massachusetts resident who was not annoyed, but not agreeing either. You can't beat the green this year, MW.

And yes, I predict 200 points tonight.