Saturday, March 8, 2008

Nuggets vs. Jazz: Game 62 Preview

(Boulder-CO) Today, for the blood match against the Utah Jazz, I have teamed up with CB Jack of to test each other’s wit, basketball savvy, and loyalty to our teams. I choose good over evil, hence the Denver Nuggets, but Mitch loves the Utah Jazz, and thus the dark side. He asked me these some questions and here are my answers. But first, here are the questions I asked and CB Jack's answers.

ND: Kyle Korver: Lucky charm or lucky stiff? Why have the Jazz been so tough to beat since acquiring this guy?
CB: Lucky Charm. Speaking of Charm, the guy is full of it. I've never seen Utah fans become so in love with a player so fast. Women everywhere of every age love this guy, and so do Boozer and Williams. He has single handedly given the Jazz hope against the Zone defense. Opposing teams were shutting the Jazz down with the Zone and his ability to spread the defense has opened up a lot of space for the Jazz. He is also a dead eye free throw shooter in clutch situations. The Jazz lacked that before.

ND: Does Jerry Sloan wear a wig or does he own stock in Aqua net?
CB: I highly doubt Jerry owns stock in Aqua Net. I think what you are seeing is good old fasioned salve. It's probably just some extra supply of John Deere Tractor oil that he uses to look so sharp. PS. Random note, Jerry lives up the road from me and you'll never believe what he drives...a white Ford F-350 Van. Need I say more?

ND: Can the Jazz stave off the Nuggets to maintain the Divisional belt this year? How do you see the division wrapping up?
CB: I think the Jazz are a lock in the NorthWest. I think the team that doesn't win the NW will be the "out" team in the playoffs. In this case, I think it's Denver. While they have more talent than 99% of the teams in the NBA, they lack consistency. Did I mention the Jazz are the other 1%?

ND: If the starting five from each team showed up to a rec center and played pick-up ball and we were betting huge duckets on the game's outcome. Who would you pick to be your five?
CB: Great question. If we're talking AND1 ball, I would take Denver no question. I'm waiting for Kenyon Martin to do one of his CRAZY Dunks, start to scream like a barbarian, and turn and straight up punch a ref right in his face, knocking him dead cold. Thuggets are Crazy. If this was a true 4 quarter sanctioned game, I would take the Jazz. They are a machine that slowly wears you down.

ND: Prediction for tonight's game?
CB: Prediction: Jazz win with a huge 4th quarter. I think Memo and Korver will hit huge three's and Memo will be draw a Technical Foul on Melo, thus creating a riot of enthusiasm in the Energy Solutions Arena. The Jazz are too good in this building. I can see by your prediction you want to keep it realisitc.

Here are the questions Mitch asked me and my answers.

CB: You call yourself the Nugg Doctor. So tell me what is ailing this extremely talented team causing them to be left out if the playoffs started today.
ND: What’s ailing this team is a lack of consistency. Defensive consistency in particular. When the Nuggets play good defense, like they did against the Spurs last night, they are capable of beating anyone in this league. Including the Utah Jazz, whom we rocked on the back of Linas Kleiza’s 41-point performance, just in case you have forgotten.

CB: Deron and AI. Who has the better tattoos?
ND: Please. AI has been getting inked since Deron was playing with a magna doodle. Does Deron even have a neck tattoo? You’re not hardcore unless you have a neck tattoo. Next question!

CB: Who do you want taking the final shot for your team? Or Who WILL take the final shot even though they're not the one to do it (who is the selfish guy)?
ND: Well, I want Carmelo taking the last shot. Furthermore, unless the Nuggets need a trey ball to tie the game, I want ‘Melo taking it to the rack to give himself the opportunity to get the free-throw line too. Or hopefully in tonight’s case, facializing Carlos Boozer regularly. But, if you want to know who is most likely to be the “selfish guy” that title is held by J.R. Smith. J.R. is known for pulling up for three with two or three guys on him with over 20 seconds remaining in the shot clock.

CB: Who are your top 3 most hated current Jazz men?
ND: Jerry Sloan first and foremost. I didn’t care for him as a player, and I think he is big baby. He’s one of these guys that loves to go hard at you, but when you split his lip they like to cry about how you play rough. Coming in a close second is Andrei Kirilenko. Nothing makes me happier than to see Kirilenko get abused on defense. Plus, he looks like Dolph Lungren on crack. And last, but certainly not least, is Matt Harpring. I’ve been watching “The Antagonizer” since he was at Georgia Tech and his game is just garbage. In fact, he reminds me a lot of his coach in his playing days. He does nothing great, always something cheap, and he’s never guilty of committing the foul. Yea, those three right there probably get me the most riled up.

CB: Who do you consider to be the Nugget Killer on the Jazz?
ND: Hands down, Deron Williams. He is the engine of this team. Without picking up Deron in the 2005 draft, the Jazz are a completely different, and substantially worse, ball club. Not that they are a great ball club now, but hey… Deron would be my least hated Jazzerciser if I can call him that. He plays solid ball, but it is against rules in my contract to say anything else about the guy.

CB: If you had to create an All-Star team starting 5 out of the Nuggets and Jazz, who would fill what position ? Who would be the coach? 6th man off the bench (must be a current bench player)?
ND: As long as everyone wears Denver Nuggets garb, I would go with Deron, AI, Melo, Kenyon, and Camby. The rest of the Jazz can all get bent! Adrian Dantley would coach the team (and don’t even start that former Jazz rhetoric) and the sixth man would be J.R. Smith. I mean, who do you think would win a game of one-on-one, Smith or Korver?

CB: Game Prediction?
ND: Nuggets by 40. I refuse to believe in anything other than a Nuggets victory party all over the Utah Jazz’s home floor.

Go Nuggets!


Amerikkka's Most Wanted said...

awesome answers man.

Nugg Doctor said...

Are you coming to the 'Zone party, AMW?

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor

Boozers Hammy said...

Here is one more question for you courtesy of The Utah Jazz - Is that the fat lady I hear singing or is it just George Karl? Have fun in the lotery boys.


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