Friday, March 21, 2008

Nuggets vs. Nets: Game 69 Preview

(Boulder-CO) Well, it's all boiling down to this now isn't it? Tonight is the first night in a long stretch of must-win games for the beloved Denver Nuggets. To complicate things further, the Nets are a team that is in the exact same position as the Nuggets. Currently out of the playoffs, New Jersey is surely going to give their best effort tonight, and stacking the cards against the Nuggets is how poorly they have been playing on the road.
The Nuggets have now lost five consecutive road contests. They are allowing an average of 118.6 points to their opponents in those last five defeats and have lost eight of their last nine games away from the Mile High City. Furthermore, the Nets have won three straight and nine of their last 12 at the IZOD Center.
You may choose to see things differently, but I think the importance of this game may be bigger than any other game up to this point. Denver can still salvage a winning record on this five-game road-trip if they can find a way to win tonight and continue their winning ways until they get back to Pepsi Center. However, another loss tonight, of which we already have three more than Golden State, will be a crippling blow. There is only 14 games left, including tonight's, and to start making up any more than three or four games down the stretch is going to be a tall task with each loss incurred from here on out becoming exponentially worse for the Nuggets' chances of sliding in the back door of this year's playoffs.
The fire of this season is starting to smolder. Somebody throw some gas on it and quick!
Go Nuggets!


Chad said...


The Nuggets could be sitting pretty by Tuesday morning after looking at the GSW schedule. They face Houston tonight, followed by games with the Lakers on Sunday and Monday.

Ok, sitting pretty is a stretch, but if the Nuggets can handle these next 3 games and GSW tank 3 in a row, then the Nuggs are right back in the mix.

Sean T said...

The IZOD Center???
Lets hope the Nugs team we know and love shows up tonight.