Wednesday, February 6, 2008

AI Makes Portland Cringe

(Boulder-CO) I wrote, "...The Nuggets then battled back with a 14-7 run to finish out the third after Allen Iverson heaved in a 35-foot three-pointer to conclude the third sending both teams to their benches with 78 points apiece. Heavyweight championship worthy? Maybe not, but this game had some great individual efforts, a lot of intensity, and about as much on the line as a game can have at this time of year."

What transpires next will make Trailblazer fans cringe, "...With less than a second remaining and the game tied at 103, AI pulled up and faded his way into a game-winning 15 footer. And after all the heavy punches were traded, the Nuggets were the last ones standing."

And now I present the video evidence for those of you who didn't have the ability to watch the game.

Go Nuggets!

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