Thursday, February 21, 2008

More on Today's Trade

(Boulder-CO) Taken from The Gainesville Sun, "The Blazers drafted Green in the second round (52nd overall pick) last June, but playing time never materialized behind the talented backcourt of Steve Blake and Brandon Roy. In eight games (no starts), Green averaged 2.1 points and 1.0 assists. During the season, Portland sent Green to Idaho Falls, Idaho, for more playing time in the NBA Development League. Green was recalled after averaging 19.3 points, 5.3 rebounds and 9.8 assists in four games."
Welcome, Taurean!


Jake L said...

He is also a pretty good perimeter defender which is a needed piece. Hopefully Karl actually gives him time.

Manny said...

We'll never know what Von Wafer was capable of anymore because he wasn't given that much time. He once scored 41 in a preseason game if I'm not mistaken. I hope he doesn't go off on us the next time we meet because he is now a Blazer.

Nuggdoc, in your expert opinion did this trade improve our team lessen it's talent pool?

Nugg Doctor said...


I think that this was a great trade for the both Von and the Nuggets. Sure, Von may develop into a great player under the right circumstances, but there was really no chance of that happening in Denver. It is in this sense that I am happy for Von. You're right, he did blow up this preseason and also had an outstanding year in the D-league in the 2006-07 season. So, if he can get a better opportunity somewhere else, I'm happy for him.

I'm also happy with the trade because we didn't have to give up anyone we are currently relying on and we improved our roster in the much-needed point guard department. Denver desperately needed an insurance policy for the stretch run in the event that anything should happen with Anthony Carter and I think Green is a talented young player who could help the Nuggets in both the immediate and more long-term future.

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor

mr.bobbysteels said...

WOW...what can i say? We did absolutely nothing to improve our team. Is Karl too dumb to realize we're not good? Right now were a no. 7 seed tied with houston with the roster we have now. OOPs! i mean no. 8 now after a houston win, in the STACKED west. Every team did something to get better while we did nothing! If we dont make the playoffs we deserve it for having made no moves and trusting Karl's stubborn faith in LK. LK is nice but he's no Artest! Are u serious? LK over Artest? If we do make the playoffs who on our freakin team is going to guard someone like Kobe? Dirk? Nash? Paul? Deron? Oh i know, how about newly acquired Taureen Green. LK would get ripped to shreds! Thats why we needed Artest, who cares if hes a lil koo koo in the head, he's a shut-down defender that will get the job done. Now i have to see us MAYBE make the playoffs with starting point guard Anthony Carter. NICE! or Taurean.

the rest of the season looks promising...

Nugg Doctor said...


You have some legitimate concerns and points made, but I have a feeling this team is going to be just fine. Now, if Denver gets bounced early or (gasp) doesn't make the playoffs at all it will be quite easy to say that it was because of the Nuggets' lack of a deal to bring one more great player into the fold.

But, I'd like to contend that such a an explanation is not the case.

Remember, Nene was basically struck by lightning this year to no fault of his own. If he was able to play we wouldn't need anyone else (including Chucky Atkins).

And now that I mentioned him, Chucky is also a disappointment, but hey, injuries happen. I'm not so sure as to why they always seem to happen to Denver, but nevertheless they happen.

With those two things considered, there are a lot of amazing things that have come to, or back, fruition.

How about Kenyon Martin? Double microfracture surgery and he is still proving to be a worthy piece, especially as of late.

How about Carmelo's rebounding? He's our second best rebounder with a clip of better than seven a night!

How about Linas Kleiza emerging as the team's thrid highest scorer? Sure, he may not be Artest defensively, but his potential is through the roof and he brings a lot of great things to this team.

How about AC? He doesn't get a whole lot of recognition, but he has played absolutely fantastic basketball. He's having career numbers across the board, plays stretches of great D, and has hit some critical shots this year.

All in all, I think the Nuggets and the fans should be surprised at the character this team has shown being as they are 33-20.

Had we traded for Ron Artest, given up to much to get him (probably) and still not done anything major in the playoffs then who would have been to blame? Certainly not the Nuggets that have persevered up to this point! Point being, I'm glad we, albeit minor, bolstered the point guard slot. We needed a capable back up and with Green we get a young guy who staff can develop. And what did we give up for it? Von Wafer! A player that had dust collecting on his sneakers at the end of the bench.

Just give this team the benefit of the doubt. I think they at least deserve that when you look at the overall picture with a panoramic lens.

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor

Geerten said...

Okay, fair one Doc, but do you agree with me that the succes of this squad lies within the question if this team can merge and become... a TEAM. We've got loads of talent, that's outta the question. But when will those talents start playing like a proper team? Obviously, San Antonio got a ring last year (and some other years) not because of their talent for basketball, but because of their talent for team-play, discipline, hard work and commitment. Those are the things this squad lacks on certain occasions.

And when will coach Karl start using his bench the way he should? I mean, giving Eddie, LK and JR 10-20 minutes a game and not using the rest of your bench is not gonna cut it. Miami were 15 strong in '06. How the hell is 8 strong gonna bring us a ring?

PS: I DO have faith, but I'm starting to get a lil' nervous. Oh yeah.. Welcome Taurean!

Go Nuggets!

Nugg Doctor said...


I think the only thing stopping the Nuggets is themselves. If they could all play consistent basketball for any consistent amount of time this team could, and has, beat all the elite teams that everyone is hyper-ventilating over.

Consistently, inconsistent is the best way I can summarize the first 53 games of the season.

If the Nuggets can get some consistency, everything is going to be alright. Trust.

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor