Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Rumor Mill is Still Spinning

(Boulder-CO) The latest and greatest rumor out of the Nuggets rumor mill says Denver has had talks with the Los Angeles Clippers about Sam Cassell-which should be no suprise to anyone seeing as Coach George Karl and Sam Cassell have been forlorn without each other since splitting back when the two were together in Milwaukee.
To me this kind of rumor is akin to high school age kids speculating as to who is going to win homecoming queen. They all know who is the prettiest girl in school, but it should be no surprise when she doesn't win the damn tiara for the ninth time in four years!
Which, when translated back into relavance to Nuggets basketball, means that Sam Cassell and George Karl can think about rekindling their love affair some other time because I just don't see this trade happening. This stupid rumor surfaces every year, and, every year nothing materializes. Not to mention Sam Cassell, at this point in his career, is not capable of making the kind of difference that moves the Nuggets from the middle of the road into the NBA's elite. Maybe three years ago, but definitely not now...

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ThaAnswer said...

Well I am hoping that the Lakers picking up Gasol (for relatively nothing, really) kickstarts things in the Denver front office. I'm gonna go ahead and say that move makes LAL another serious contender in the west and bumps us down one more notch. We really need to make a move to solidify our relevance in the Western Conference.