Thursday, February 21, 2008

Denver Beats Deadline-Does Nothing Major

(Boulder-CO) I have learned through a source close to the Nuggets that, indeed, the Nuggets have traded Von Wafer to Portland for Taurean Green before the trade deadline expired. The deal, which the ink is still drying on, just beat the trade deadline of 1 o'clock MST and bolsters Denver's point guard situation as the team or Chucky Atkins have still not released any information regarding his return (which, may be waivering in the balance necessitating a move like this).

Taurean Green is a 6'1", 180 lb point guard who is not afraid to get defensive. Many of you may remember him from the Florida Gator teams of the past two years that won back-to-back NCAA National Championships with Green paving the way with his pesky perimeter defense.

I personally like the trade. Von Wafer was a player who was merely collecting dust on this team. Taurean upgrades our situation at point guard and on defense. Von was, unfortunately, stuck on the Nuggets bench behind two offensive geniuses in Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson with little hope of allocating many shots, minutes, or opportunity.

Now, is this a deal very significant? No.

Is this is the kind of minor transaction that needed to happen for if and when the Nuggets do make it to the postseason? Yes.

Thank God Nuggets brass didn't do anything stupid like acquire Ron Artest! This kind of minor, but needed, move did two things for Denver. First, it disposed of a player that wasn't of any use to the current Nuggets' situation for a player that could potentially be of great use down the home stretch. Second, and most importantly, this trade didn't drastically shake any of the foundations that this team is built on. The Nuggets merely swapped a player whose abilities were being wasted for a player who plays their most vulnerable position.

Go Nuggets!


Harris said...

thank god they didnt get rid of LK. when i heard his name start popping up in the artest rumors i started freaking out. That would have been a horrible move that would have derailed the season the Nuggs are having. Great move

JamesOClark said...

I like this trade a lot. One thing I remember from Green is that guy can handle the rock. With Florida, he was the man in crunch time with the ball in his hands. He was breaking down defenses and was a great assist man.

This is what the Nuggets need, a ballhandler that can play D.

I hope George gives him the time of day.

ThaAnswer said...


Nugg Doctor said...

Sorry, brotha... I know you wanted some ron-ron in the Mile High!

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor

ThaAnswer said...

I know it's 50/50 whether we wanted Ron-Ron or not, but nearly every team in contention made a significant move before the deadline. It's honestly going to take a miraculous effort by our squad to get shit done. We beat the C's (at home) but we need that kind of effort every single night. Not to mention Garnett had a rare off night. I'm hopeful but not blind. I could have dealt with a D. West trade but I feel like we're the only team that came up with nothing. I just want to win damnit!