Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nuggets vs. Cavaliers: Game 50 Preview

(Boulder-CO) If you hadn’t noticed it, the Nuggets have won five out of their last six games. In addition to the great efforts as of late, the Nuggets have beaten King James and company seven out of the last nine times (including four straight) since Carmelo and LeBron entered the league back in 2003, and already once, handedly, this season, 122-100.

In the first game between these two teams J.R. Smith went absolutely insane. Let us revisit perhaps J.R.’s finest game of the season:

“Right off the bat, I have to mention J.R. Smith’s absolutely mind boggling performance. Early in the first half, J.R. caught an alley-oops upside your head pass from AI, (backwards mind you), and finished off the dish with an absolutely ridiculous slam that had me so pumped up I could have slapped your momma! I might also mention that the reason why J.R. was in that position was because he made a great defensive play and outlet pass to Iverson that got the whole thing started. But besides that one play, I have to admit that down the home stretch I was actually hoping that J.R. would get back in the game because he was just that damn exciting tonight. And luckily for me he did, and he did not disappoint. Plus, aside from scoring 29 points on 7-8 from the land of plenty, grabbing four rebounds, and dishing four assists, J.R. did the Cavaliers absolutely dirty when with only a minute left and the Nuggets up by twenty he drops not one, but two cold-blooded three-pointers to further work the home crowd into an even more rabid frenzy!”

But, Smith wasn’t acting alone back in November. In fact, he wasn’t even the teams’ high scorer. Once again, we revisit the archives for this snippet on The Answer:

“AI gave the young Daniel Gibson a text book lesson on how he got the nickname “The Answer” as he lit the second-year player up for a game-high 37 points, eight assists, and three rebounds.”

Now, I will say that, “Boobie” has been improving this year (he is shooting 46% from downtown), but if the Nuggets are going to win again tonight in Cleveland AI needs to exploit the young Cavalier guard. From there I think if Marcus Camby and Kenyon Martin can keep the likes of Ilgauskas, Gooden, and Newble off the offensive boards and the rest of the Nuggets can all play help and recover defense on the almost indefensible James the Nuggets can earn their tenth win on the road and 14th win overall against the Eastern Conference.

Tip is set for 5:00 MST and the game can be viewed nationwide on ESPN. It’s ‘Melo vs. ‘Bron and the Nuggs vs. Cavs. What else could you want? A win of course!

Go Nuggets!

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