Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nuggets vs. Pistons: Need4Sheed Q&A Preview

(Boulder-CO) Today I have had the pleasure of interviewing and being interviewed by none other than the undisputed Queen of the NBA Blogosphere, Natalie Sitto of The questions I asked, her answers , and the questions she asked me are all below, but for my answers you will have to head over to Need4Sheed.
Natalie, tell me more about Rodney Stuckey. I know he's a rookie, but how has he played a role in his average 17 minutes per game?

NS: Considering he’s just started to make his way into the rotation because of the broken hand that he sustained in the pre-season, he’s coming along nicely. It took more than a few games for him to get acclimated to the NBA game, but he’s done a nice job filling in for Chauncey Billups so far. He’s a combo guard that has for the most part played the one for Detroit. He’s fast, likes to drive the lane and has skills that will develop even more as he gets more games under his belt.

ND: Rasheed's numbers are down for his career, but he might be having his best season yet. Some may even say that this year he is the overall leader (definitely emotionally) of the Pistons. Is this true? What are your thoughts on 'Sheed's impact on the team this year?

NS: Ask any one of his teammates throughout the years and they will tell you that Rasheed is as solid as they come in the locker room. When Sheed isn’t on the floor shaking up the other teams offense you will find him helping the rookies on the team mold their game. Sheed’s doing everything he needs to do for this team to win games. He’s even made it a point to play more in the paint, something Detroit fans have been wishing for. Most of all he’s is the anchor to Detroit’s solid defensive presence. So in Detroit…..numbers don’t matter.

ND: Why have the Pistons obtained such amazing things out of Chauncey Billups whereas the Nuggets could not?

NS: The reason why Detroit has gotten so much out of Billups, more than any other team that he’s been with throughout his career is simple. Joe Dumars believed in him and gave him this team. When someone like Dumars gives you a chance and believes in you good things happen.

ND: How far can Detroit go this year and if they do end up in the finals is there somebody in the West that you would like to see?
NS: Detroit has a very good chance to come out of the East this season. I don’t think it will be easy, but if they stay healthy there is a good chance, especially since the starters haven’t logged a ton of minutes. For sentimental reasons I would like to see The Spurs in the Finals though we probably match up better with a team like Dallas. I certainly wouldn’t want to see the Jazz, who Detroit can’t seem handle.

ND: Who's will dictates the outcome of this game? The Nuggets with their motto of, "We'll just score and hope for the best",or the Pistons' yeoman defense?

NS: The Pistons will not try to play the Nuggets game, so look for the Pistons to clamp down defensively. If you get us in a run and gun battle we have the legs on our bench to give you a fight. We will know what kind of game it’s going to be after the first quarter. Good luck, but not really! Go Pistons.

Natalie also wanted to know a few things about the Nuggets...

NS: Has the Allen Iverson – Carmelo Anthony experiment lived up to its expectations? Has chemistry been an issue?

NS: Linas Kleiza’s name was thrown around in trade talks, but the Nuggets didn’t want to include him in any deals. What does he bring to the team that makes him so valuable?

NS: Being in the West and knowing that winning 50 games might not even get you in the Playoffs, what do you think The Nuggets chances to make it are?

NS: What blockbuster trade impacted the Nuggets chances of coming out of the West?

NS: The Pistons have one heck of a starting five and a new and improved bench, what or who will Denver try to stop to come away with the win?

Be sure to head over to Need4Sheed for my answers.

Go Nuggets!

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