Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Nuggets vs. Celtics: Game 53 Preview

(Boulder-CO) The Denver Nuggets allowed the league’s best team their highest shooting percentage of the year (65.1%) the last time they played. Tonight, if Denver is to win, they must contain the Celtics offensively because Boston is not likely to give up a lot of points. The Celtics come into tonight’s game allowing a league best 89.4 points per game and do so by forcing tough shots late in the shot clock which is also why they allow their opposition the lowest average shooting percentage league-wide at 42.2%.

The good news for the Nuggets is the Celtics haven't won while visiting Pepsi Center since December 7, 2003. However, Kevin Garnett is no average visitor and I have personally seen him in the past while with the Timberwolves completely change a game. Additionally, the Big Ticket says that he is ready to play and the only thing stopping him is Coach Doc Rivers. Now, personally I hope he doesn’t play because the chances of the Nuggets beating a Celtics club without this season’s first half MVP is a lot higher than with, but either way, the Nuggets have to be loaded for bear and whoever else is wearing clovers.

I mentioned in an earlier post that every game from here on out needs to have a playoff feel for the Nuggets. Waiting for the final dozen or so games in hopes of turning it on late may not be realistic for Denver if they are going to make the playoffs. Allen Iverson needs to break out of this mini-funk that seemingly carried over to his All-Star performance. LK needs to put his stamp on this game too as he has been MIA over the last couple of weeks after an unbelievable stretch of games in late January and into the first week of February. Marcus Camby giving the Nuggets something offensively would be nice, but I’m more likely to guess that Kenyon Martin and J.R. Smith will be of more service offensively than the Captain.

Other than those quick points, we are going to get a quick barometer as to where this team’s head is at tonight against the Celtics. If the Nuggets play well, we may be in for wild finish. If they play poorly, don’t be surprised if Boston is up by 40 again at one point.

Go Nuggets!

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