Friday, February 22, 2008

Nuggets vs. Bulls: Game 54 Preview

(Boulder-CO) I’m not exactly sure how to preview this game against the Bulls after yesterday’s multi-team trade. I do know however that tonight’s game and all of the remaining 28 games are critical to the Nuggets’ chances of making the playoffs.

With that fact being emphasized at nasuea, the Nuggets should be ready for anything in Chicago. The Bulls are still a dangerous team trying to find their way into an ugly Eastern Conference postseason picture, but are no way, shape, or form as talented as the Nuggets.

Get this W, Denver. Don’t leave your fate in the hands of others.

Go Nuggets!


Geerten said...

I know we're just a quarter underway, but so far we've turned Tyrus Thomas into Larry Bird, turned the Bulls into the Phoenix Suns, Yoakim Noah into Kevin McHale and ourselves into the Clippers...

Geerten said...

Sorry if I'm spamming this comments section Doc, but do you think since the Nuggets will face a hard battle getting to the postseason they're trying to get in the OJ Mayo hunt head first?

I'm somewhat frustrated seeing this talented team getting outhustled on all scrambles, failing to make the decisive assist and really turning the complete Bulls team in all it's mediocrity into their 95-96 squad.

Let's hope George Karl starts spitting some serious fire in the locker room and turn things around the way we did some other recent second halves

Go! Just GO!

NoYPi said...

to whomever was able to watch the game, wtf?

as in w t f happened??