Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Don't Expect J.R. to be Extended

(Boulder-CO) The Denver Nuggets have until tomorrow to extend J.R. Smith's contract or choose to let the troubled young pro become a restricted free-agent after this season. And although I'm pretty sure you all know what I think about the situation here are a few of my thoughts: Let this bird fly the coop because he is way too much maintenance for a team with more serious problems and higher aspirations to occupy their time with. He always says that he is growing up and it's a learning process, but why is it that the lessons he keeps failing are those that should not have to repeat themselves? If there is a learning process going on, why do we keep hearing the same results? The answer, just like his reputation with previous coaches, is that J.R. is resistant to learning from his mistakes and taking the wisdom put in front of him. Need more proof? Just read the history of his driving record in its own section on his Wiki page. So, unless he flips a complete 180, let J.R. Smith wiggle on the hook he has created for himself. Maybe it's the kind of motivation that he needs to turn his life and career around.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dr. Long time no Post.

JR I think will be let off as a restricted FA because of all the recent events, Nuggets need guys like Von Wafer who are wanting and actually working hard to get better. Right now I don't think JR will ever fully mature and go to the next level.

OFF-TOPIC: Why do Spurs Fans always Boo Bruce Bowen and Manu.

I know why we do but them?

Jon-Michael said...

They aren't booing, they are saying "Bruce!" and "Manu!"

Daryl "Moose" Johnston of the Dallas Cowboys back in the 90's was treated to the crowd chanting "Moose!" every time he carried the football. It sounds like booing when there are several thousand people chanting a word with the "oooo" sound in it.