Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nuggets Downed Again by Pistons

(AP Photo/Adam Bird)
(Boulder-CO) "Sloppy" is the only way that I can describe what I just watched on NBATV. It's a good thing the Nuggets didn’t play any of their presumed starting five because if ‘Melo, AI, Camby, Nene, or Martin played in this game I might have to just reevaluate everything I've been thinking as of late! Ok, I may be overacting a little bit, but honestly, this was about as ugly a basketball game as I have seen played in a really long time. Not to mention the Nuggets lost to the Pistons, 119-110, for the second time this preseason.

As if typed bright gecko green, the box score illustrates that the Nuggets were abused on the offensive glass. Detroit hit the O-boards to the tune of 22 offensive rebounds because Jelani McCoy was the only Nugget of any size to enter the game. Plus, Denver didn’t do too good of a job rebounding on the other end either as the Pistons finished with 55 total boards-18 more than Denver overall.

About the only bright spots for the Nuggets were J.R. Smith and Eduardo “The Grout“ Najera. Smith finished with a game-high 33 points on 10-19 from the field, three rebounds, two steals, and an assist. It was the first good shooting night of the season for J.R., but he started slow and only began heating up after a few good takes to the hole. The Grout had another great game by giving the Nuggets a double-double of 12 points, eleven rebounds, and six assists.

I do have to say one thing about Detroit’s Jason Maxiel and it’s that J-Max played like an absolute animal. Maxiel finished with tonight’s most impressive stat line of 25 points, 12 rebounds, four assists, three blocks, and a steal. More than that was how he made countless hustle plays like tapping out loose balls, bodying up Denver’s post players, and altering nearly ever shot from about five feet from the basket all night long. ‘Sheed may be the starting big man for the Pistons, but Detroit should be counting their blessings that they have a guy like Maxiel coming off their bench.

The Nuggets now have a five day break until their next preseason rematch with the Bucks in the friendly confines of the Pepsi Center. This duration should be good for the banged up Nuggets to rest and for the healthy Nuggets to regroup and refocus. These five days should also give the Nuggets coaching staff a few more practices to make some roster decisions and work on the team’s chemistry. Five days is a long time to wait after a game like this, but it just may be what I need to forget that this one ever happened.

Go Nuggets!


Kieran said...

Still think Wafer is an integral part of the Nuggets' plans? Judging from yesterday, I think Karl doesn't trust his D or judgment, and that's he's low on the the depth chart.

Nugg Doctor said...

Hi kieran,

Honestly, If I had to use last night's game as a measuring stick I wouldn't say anyone but Eduardo Najera was very high on the depth chart. Sure, J.R. finished with a good stat line, but he passed poorl, his shot was cold early, and he made some very poor defensive plays-like everybody did.

Last night was just one game and not too much can be deciphered by one game. Remeber when Von lit it up for 42 in summer league? Same kind of thing last night with J.R. One guy had a great game, many had a bad one.

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor

Commish CH said...

I think Maxiel has a chance to be a Danny Fortson type player. He looks like a beast but seems a bit timid. Playing with those vets could do that.

How does Eddie look physically? It seems like this year could be the one he breaks down for 50+ games.

Kieran said...

I agree, the Nuggs looked terrible, but in fairness, the first 7 guys in the rotation did not play, and the Nuggets were never all that much for depth. said...

Jr was the only brightspot?

How about Bobby Jones dropping 26 points and going 4/5 from 3?

If he can keep his shooting percentages up going into the season, he's exactly what Denver needs out of the SG position. a lock down, do-everything wing player that'll demand no shots and no spotlight.

Completely the opposite of Jr Smith, who's dying to be #1 without having to play a lick of defense.

Nugg Doctor said...
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Nugg Doctor said...


Somebody had to score, didn't they?

And with not even 1-7 on the Denver Nuggets roster playing it just happened to be Bobby Jones on this particular night.

And to call Bobby Jones a, "lock down, do-everything wing player that'll demand no shots and no spotlight" sounds a little bit like an over-reaction for a guy who rarely scores, hasn't averaged more than 10 minutes a game in recent memory, or "locked down" anyone to date-let-alone anyone who could potentially be an individual threat to the Nuggets.

One good game, yes. The credit you're giving him, no.

I like your enthusiasm though!

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor