Monday, October 8, 2007

The Nuggets Have 2 in the Top 25

(Boulder-CO) According to D-Wil of the Nuggets have two players in the overall top 25 players in the NBA. Check out the entire list right here and come back and tell me if you believe that Carmelo is not deserving of a higher ranking than Manu "The Flopper" Ginobili or Paul Pierce.


Jason said...

I agree completely...these rankings are skewed. Poor job Ryan...HoopsAddict is no lower in my book of respectible sportswriting.

Melo is definitely better than Pierce and Manu...Manu???? Are you serious? He has to be joking. Also, I would argue that Melo is better than Dwade or Bron Bron, but definitely better than Yao Ming, another very questionable high ranking. Poor job Ryan.

Jason said...

Had to correct my previous statement and get Ryan McNeil off the hook. It was bad Ryan!

JM said...

The only reason I would put Lebron James ahead of Carmelo is his leadership skills. In his last two years in the playoffs, LeBron has taken over games and willed his team to victory. I still feel Carmelo talent wise is the more complete player, but I am waiting for him to take over games himself and put his team on his shoulders in the playoffs the way King James has. 25 straight against Detroit last year when no one else was scoring for your team. That was amazing! That's willing your team to victory.

You can argue all you want that Carmelo wasn't at fault for the last 4 years of playoff exits, he being the only offensive weapon on the team, but LeBron STILL is the only consistent offensive weapon on his team and they got to the NBA finals. It's all about how leadership. Ask Michael Jordan.

That being said, I still am a much bigger fan of Carmelo than LeBron. LBJ didn't turn it up until the playoffs, and half the time during the season, it appeared King James was sleep walking through the regular season Shaq style.

Carmelo is going to have his best year as a Nugget up to this point. He will be the leader of this team and show the NBA the Nuggets are for real.