Thursday, October 25, 2007

J.R. Should Not Drink Alcohol

(Boulder-CO) Need proof of this post's title? Here is a quote pulled from the report, “Smith, 22, then told the officer ‘he was very (drunk and) doesn't remember everything’ that happened at the club.” I don’t even know how to explain what I just read, so here is the link.
If this report is true, and I mean 100% true, and it doesn’t translate into J.R. Smith being waived, traded, or anything resulting in him NOT being a Denver Nugget I will be very disappointed. And while I understand that A) J.R. Smith is a target, and B) that this kind of situation gets out of control all the time when people are drinking and acting a fool (that’s right I said acting a FOOL) … I still blame J.R. for putting himself in that kind position.


mrD1968 said...

Hey Nugg DR.
I truly enjoy your posts and accounts of the Nuggets.
As for the issues with JR Smith, I say give the KID som leeway. Granted he's been quite dumb with his antics, and he has made some severely detriMENTAL decisions, I know from personal experience that he is a good kid.
Melo made plenty of goofball decisions when he was younger, as did AI while he was in Philly. JR needs MENtorship from someone he trusts and understands. He's 22, has too much cash at his dispense, and his PARTY years are limited by his profession. He needs to grow up! He will grow up and he will learn from his bone head mistakes while growing. My question is to you, wouldn't you like him in Denver blue and gold after he matures? Look how Melo is doing now that he's beginning to mature.

Go Nuggets!

EY The Scribe said...

I completely agree with you about J.R. He just needs to go away. All of the talent in the world only goes so far.

I've been hoping since last year that they would try to dump him off to someone for a veteran shooter/scorer. I'd love to see Minnesota continue the exodus and take him off our hands for Rashad McCants.

I'd also love to see someone like Francisco Garcia or Delonte West or Gordon Giricek come in and knock down some shots. From the fight, to the car wreck, to the DUI, they just need to wash their hands of him.