Sunday, October 21, 2007

Welcome to the J.R. Smith Circus

(Boulder-CO)The Denver Post is finally reporting why J.R. Smith has been suspended for three games and it is not at all what I first suspected. The real reason why J.R. is going to serve a three game suspension is, “Smith allegedly tore up a club and caused someone injuries which required an ambulance,” at the popular DC-10 lounge in Denver on Saturday, October 13.

And while I was initially upset that a suspension had been handed down by Nuggets brass because I assumed it was a late consequence for his first flare up, I could really care less at this point knowing that J.R. himself is 100% to blame for this one.

So, my feelings are if he wants to be out and doing his thing during the twilight of the night where nothing but malarkey goes down so be it, but then don’t issue a statement saying you don’t want to be a, “team cancer”, if that’s where you want to be the night before traveling to Michigan to play the Pistons the same day. And although it was a measly, meaningless preseason game don’t be surprised when the box score reads 4-14 from the field, (including 0-4 with the long ball), with a game-high four turnovers.

Tom Ziller of the AOL Fanhouse thinks J.R. is on thin ice, but I think a more accurate metaphor would be J.R. has broken through the ice and is now treading the icy water of the Denver Nuggets and their patience.


Sean T said...

Excellent use of the word malarkey. Looks like JR still has a lot of learning to do.

Red Letter Believers said...

JR should go.
I dont see any upside to him. Its like having Dennis Rodman around. The guy can play ball, but there are many more important things in life.

Linus can do just fine.

Give JR a boat and float him down the Platte