Tuesday, October 2, 2007

New ESPN Power Rankings

(Boulder-CO) And in the most over-hyped anticipation ever… Boston is ranked the second most powerful team in the league! Will someone please tell Marc Stein that there are FIVE players on the floor at one time in the game of basketball and that the Celtics have a long way to go before they should even be considered one of the best teams in the league. I mean, I can’t even name four other players currently on the Celtics without probably naming a Minnesota Timberwolf.

As I digress, the Nuggets are currently ranked the 11th best team in the league with Stein’s remarks being, “We didn't remember this at first, either, but the Iverson-and-Melo Nuggets were 10-1 in April. So maybe they were right to tweak minimally in the offseason, saving the spotlight for K-Mart's mountain of a comeback.”

So, my question is how probable is a, “Mountain of a comeback” for Kenyon Martin? On the one hand, everything I’m reading and hearing from inside sources is Kenyon Martin is on a warpath to prove he can be everything that he was before, but only this time in a different capacity and with a different style. The flip side to all the positive speculation about Kenyon is my memory of how self-promoting, volatile, and athletically explosive Kenyon Martin was prior to all the knee surgeries and I have to wonder if he can be the same player without what used to be physically nuclear explosiveness.


The entire ESPN power rankings can be viewed by banging this link.


Jeff said...

The other question is how does Martin fit into the Nuggets' lineup with the emergence of Nene last year? I'd say that Nene is the better player to pair with Camby than Martin because Nene can handle the stronger bigs in the league better than Martin can.

Unless Martin has drastically improved his footwork around the basket, I don't see how he can be that much better. He's basically been revealed as a product of Jason Kidd's play and Martin's talent alone is suspect.

ptshowdown said...

Hey Nugg Doctor,
I haven't commented for a while, but I've been reading. I saw the rankings a few days ago and I agree with the idea of Boston. I actually really tried to think of another player on the team, or what they would do if pierce or allen (or both) go down mid season.
On to the Nuggets though, I'm counting down the days to Halloween and excited to see K-Mart's comeback. Thanks for writing.