Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nuggets Sign Another Small Point Guard

(Boulder-CO)The Denver Nuggets official home page has announced that the Nuggets have signed yet another small point guard in Mike Wilks. Wilks is a five-year NBA veteran who has played with six different teams.

Why they would sign another man under six feet tall is totally beyond me. We already have Chucky Atkins who is all of 5'11", Allen Iverson at maybe an inch taller than that, and both Anthony Roberson and Anthony Carter who are 6'2" each.
Furthermore, I don't expect Wilks to do much than give the other guys a break in the last three preseason games.

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Anonymous said...

Yee haw, another weird personnel decision...

I'm right there with you on this one, Doc -- either we're stockpiling random pieces for some sort of trade for a combo guard with some size who can play defense and hit the 3 (ahem) or they're just worried about Chucky/Anthony's health or something...

No clue. Maybe there's an 6'3" and under league that we are participating in.