Thursday, October 4, 2007

SLAM has a Nuggets Preview

(Boulder-CO) Nothing more than a link to bang here. Cub Buenning does a nice job previewing the Nuggets and I have to give props for predicting Denver makes it all the way to the conference finals. However, I definitely do not agree with him that Iverson and J.R. Smith are the probable starters for the Nugget backcourt.


Anonymous said...

I wish they were -- I seriously want to run that line for at least a few games to see how it does. In limited minutes, it was the most effective non-Andre Miller lineup (according to 5-man units analysis).

But yeah, George won't be doing that -- he likes having a PG out there with AI too much to experiment with putting the best players on the floor at the same time. That lineup will be solely confined to my NBA 2K8 Nuggets I guess.

Unknown said...

Stumbleweed, I couldn't agree more.

No matter how much you say AI is not a point guard, he is a playmaker. And considering his becomes a defensive liability playing him at the two unless you have a "big" point guard, which we don't.

But Karl has an obsession with small ball and he will start Chucky and AI, you can book that.

ThaAnswer said...

I've heard a few places putting the Nuggets as the "bride's maid" of the Western Conference. I'll take that. All it takes is 4 of 7 games to become the bride. Nuggets Nation!!