Monday, April 21, 2008

Are the Nuggets Focused?

(Boulder-CO) I ask because after running through the way the Nuggets started and ended on Sunday I'm not sure I can honestly say I believe they are.
To recap:
-The Nuggets' bus caught fire leaving seven Denver Nuggets stranded on the side of the Los Angeles highway for 30 minutes before they eventually arrived, late, to the Staples Center. This could have only been distracting.
- George Karl and his staff are body checking each other in the locker room.
- Three Denver starters barely scratched the box score.
- Denver breaks down defensively and allows 39 points in the second quarter after at one point holding a lead.
- Carmelo Anthony caught a Derek Fisher pass in the kisser (put your hands up).
- Allen Iverson gets himself ejected for jawing with an official up and down the court.
- Denver failed to maintain the game's momentum at any of the four quarter's completion.
Am I looking too far into this or does anyone else think there could be a problem here?
I want comments!


Manny said...

Yes, they are focused on getting owned by Gasol and the Lakers this season.

A couple of items you missed:

* They missed 14 "Free" Throws, and lost by 14. What do we have a couple of Shaq's out there on the floor?

* We repeatedly were mismatched by AC on some extremely Taller Dude, WTF?

* The only way we can have K-Mart on Kobe is if we had Nene back and all three were on the court (Camby, Nene & K-Mart)

* Seriously, start AI on Point, put JR in instead of AC, end of mismatches.

* This is the effort after getting sweeped throughout the season, Pride is non-existent. I played ball yesterday imagining Kobe shaking his head all the time, boy did I have a good game!

Crauzz said...

Just to start, I've seen an article saying that Kleiza will start for A.C. for game 2. I don't think the nuggets are unfocused. I think L.A. looked very closely at our defense that was playing very well to end the season, and they did very well at attacking it. This caused the nuggets to lose their confidence. I think the nuggets are gonna have to do what they weren't able to do all season long and man up, 'cause the zone is not going to be effective against this lakers team.

Manny said...

Kleiza should work better than AC. That remains to be seen though. Also if coach Karl does finally make that decision it is still very late to do so. Don't they watch video? Have they not studied the season sweep? I'm no expert but it didn't take me that long to figure it out.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a Fan, I have not met anyone who wants the Nuggets to kick A!@ as much as I do. All I'm saying is that I would love for the Nuggz to turn things around right about now and not get repeatedly owned by the Lakers. The more I have to watch Kobe's facial expressions, trash talking & head shaking the more frustrated I get.

All we can do is wait and see since we are just fans though.

C Now said...

Of course they're focused. This game played out exactly like I expected. Scored a ton of points, played no defense, and lost to a much better team (and by that I mean TEAM in every sense of the word).

ThaAnswer said...

Per the Denver Post Kleiza will probably get the start over AC. If this is the case, Kudos to Karl for making the change (half a game late!)