Sunday, April 27, 2008

Nuggets in Emergency State

(Boulder-CO) The last 24 hours have been very tumultuous in the Nuggets Nation. Despite being down 3-0 to a far superior Lakers club, the Nuggets are in a very bad place concerning the future of this franchise. Some are questioning 'Melo, others must be writhing from the news that George Karl's job is apparently safe, and the face of the franchise is adamant that he is giving his best effort despite not the best results while questioning the effort his mates.


Jason said...

I for one do think it is ridiculous that the sources are already saying Karl's job is safe. I am not saying that the only option is to fire him. But safe? Really??? That makes me question whether this FO is looking at all options to improve this team, and all options include moving in a different coaching direction.

I sure hope the FO looks at all options this offseason, including a coaching change or a major trade.

Champ24Girl said...

It's a players league, no other coach wants the job of trying to coach this uncoachable team. They all think they are brilliant and they just need to step on the floor and the other teams will quake in their awesome presence. Karl has done some good, look at how he's turned JR Smith around. But, Melo obviously wants Karl gone - it's like he's throwing this series to get Karl fired.

Anonymous said...

Karl didn't have shit to do with JR "turning around". He works with the assistant coaches almost exclusively -- Tim Grguich, Jamal Mosley and all those guys are the ones who got him to drive to the hoop and improve his defensive effort. They're the ones that got Eddie his 3-point range and turned Kleiza into a shooter.

George (For his part) just finally woke up and realized that he should play JR more time. How many games did he cost us by refusing to play him 20+ minutes? HOw much development was stunted while he sat on the bench? To me, it's inexcusable to leave someone that talented on the bench in favor of Anthony Carter just because of personal problem and stubbornness.

Anyway, I hope George just retires already -- or does he need more embarassing playoff collapses to add to his illustrious record? The guy has obviously lost touch with the team ... we need a younger "new school" coach that the players can relate to and respect, not another UNC good ol' boy. Carlisle is the guy for the job in my mind, but if George's job is safe with the ownership, he'll have to walk away from his contract, which doesn't seem likely. I dunno, but until he goes, we're not going anywhere.