Thursday, April 10, 2008

Nuggets vs. Warriors: Game 79 Preview

(Boulder-CO) So, it all boils down to this: Nuggs vs. 'Dubs for the leg up on who gets in the playoffs and who gets to go home early. Here are six critical points for tonight's pivotal game:
J.R. Smith: Headband or no headband, Smith has to play smart, aggressive, and fundamental basketball. Cut out all the hot dogging, bad shots, and lazy passes and I don't think there is a more explosive player in the league.
Marcus Camby: How about some offense? The Captain gives this team a completely different edge when he scores. The rebounds will be there, the blocks are sure to come (especially with the Denver defense being as weak as it is), so a three-pronged effort by the Camby-man would be huge.
Kenyon Martin: Bring that swagger, K-Mart. You can be one of the toughest customers in the league when you get yourself started early. Be sure to do so, and stay out of foul trouble!
Baron Davis: As he goes, so do the 'Dubs. Make him play both ends of the floor and don't be afraid to make him earn his from the free-throw line (his own mind is his worst enemy).
Stephen Jackson: He likes to slide backwards into his jumpshot. Do not leave him enough space to take that step back and fire. And just like B-Diddy... get in his head! He'll take himself right out of the game if flustered.
George Karl: The Warriors can score points in huge bunches. Don't let the game get away from Denver by waiting to call timeout. You're our sixth man! Stay on top of the momentum swings and by my assessment it wouldn't be a bad idea to try 'Khouba on Baron Davis. He has six fouls to burn and is surely well rested!
It's plain and simple... win and you're almost in. Lose and schedule an off season cruise. Which Nuggets are going to show up tonight? We'll see soon enough...
Go Nuggets!


Chad said...

haha...headband or no headband..

I can't wait for tonight! I agree, if they lose this game, then they are done. One advantage the Nuggets may have early is the fact that it is an early start. Hopefully it will be a late arriving crowd and the Nuggets can take advantage before the place turns into a mad-house.

I also agree about JR. When he is under control, he makes some great dishes when he drives the lane and draws other defenders. If he can do that and get others involved, it will be key.

As a team, they need to make a HUGE effort to defend the 3 point line. We can't let BD, Jackson and the now healthy Petrus go off. If they get going early, it could be a long night.

btalk said...

I totally agree with your assessment Nugg Doc...It is a shame the season even comes to this. And, when all is said and done, other than a post season appearance, the Nuggets are still a group of individuals playing as such rather than playing as a team. The best part is they didn't give up Kleiza for Artest. Smartest "non-move" of the season.

ThaAnswer said...

Man the trash talking is heavy over on Facebook.

I was doing some research today and our winning percentage is 10% higher when we start a AI/Kuba backcourt, instead of Carter/AI. I think that would be a good move tonight, like you said so Kuba can body Davis. Of course GK would never do this.

I think JR will play strong and smart, he knows how important this is. KMart should play strong too. A few hustle plays and calls our way can really fluster GW, get them playing too quickly with high turnovers.

The time to stop talking is drawing close. Hopefully I can hop on here later tonight and celebrate. If not, I'm stopping by the liquor store for my backup plan.

ThaAnswer said...

Unbelievable game!!! We really came through.....I don't even know what to say!!